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Brunei - Yellow Pages directories on CD-ROM

Telephone Directory of Brunei Darussalam

Yellow Pages, Customer Guide, Community Pages, Emergency contact information, government offices, Dining Guide, Internet Guide, and business and residential listings
Telephone Directory of Brunei Darussalam mit etwa 45.000 Telefoneinträgen, davon etwa 8.000 Firmeneinträge in 1.050 Branchenkategorien

Product Overview

Names, phone numbers, and complete information on products and services are just a mouse click away with electronic directories.

Each employee in a company receives one or more large telephone directories that take up a lot of space and are not always readily accessible. Phone books from your local telephone company are a valuable tool for finding people, goods, and services, but they lack the quick search capabilities that people have come to expect from their computers.  The software described in the Overview and Installation Guide offers an exciting alternative to the print directories. 

An exact electronic duplicate of the print edition of the Yellow Pages and White Pages contains all the sections of a traditional directory: Yellow Pages, Customer Guide, Community Pages, Emergency contact information, government offices, Dining Guide, Internet Guide, and business and residential listings.  Extremely compact on a CD or corporate LAN, the new directory offers several additional features and benefits not found in the print directory:

·        Easy-to-use, lightning-fast search functions by company name, residential name, heading, product or service.

·        Reverse phone number search that can identify the name and address associated with a phone number.

·        Electronic directory pages that are an exact duplicate of the familiar print directory. Unlike other Internet Yellow Pages, you can be sure you are getting the most complete, up-to-date listings with full information from your local phone company.

·        Active URLs that can immediately connect you to an advertiser’s Web site or e-mail address.

By switching to Yellow Pages directories on CD-ROM, your company is also doing its part for the environment. In your area alone, the electronic Yellow Pages have replaced several thousand paper directories that won’t have to be recycled – good for the environment!

Utilizing the Electronic Directory

The electronic directory contains the following functionality:

·        Exact replica of your familiar telephone directory, cover-to-cover

·        Select the Section of the directory to view (Yellow Pages, White pages, Government Pages, Community Pages, Area Maps, etc.)

·        Use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons to page through the sections of the directory.

·        Use the Jump Ahead Page buttons

·        Utilize the various search types to easily find the information you want:

o       Advertiser name

o       Residential name

o       Headings

o       Key word (brand names, services, etc.)

o       Phone number

·        Click on Search Results to go to the correct page

o       Advertiser Name shows heading as well (Sears – Household Appliances, Sears – Optical, etc.)

o       Key word (e.g., Maytag, Sony, glaucoma – to find advertisers who specialize)

o       Reverse search by telephone number to track a call

·        Go Back button permits you to retrace your steps in the book

·        Any advertiser website is hotlinked to give you much more information.

·        Any advertiser e-mail link is active to send them an e-mail directly