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United States Business Database
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United States Business Database DVD-ROM
US Business Listings on DVD

United States Business Database DVD-ROM
Sorted by 9,900 categories, covering all major industries & services
This list is sorted by "industry" only
16.300.000 Firmenadressen in 9.900 Branchen
inkl. Entscheider, E-Mail & Homepage
Unbeschränkter Export der Daten möglich !

United States Business Database
more than 16,000,000 American businesses with address, phone number and more!  

What's New?

- recently updated data
- more records (added about 5 million more records)
- new category system, browse by Industry (SIC) as well as state/county/city
- more fields (contact name, job, number of employees added for many records)

You can copy the list of any category and paste it to applications such as MS Excel, MS Word ... 

The DVD is an excellent B2B tool for your business campaign in United States

- covers all major industries & services 
- most entries with mailing address and phone number
- you can merge them into your database for your own marketing campaign, no additional license needed (inside network only)
- find more suppliers
- find  more buyers

What's inside this DVD-ROM?

- more than 16 million United States businesses with contact information
- Sorted by 12,000 categories, covering all major industries & services
- Management software
- Powerful keyword search and Text Search * 
* Due to database file size limit, only categories (industries) can be searched in this item. You can deploy your own search solutions based on the raw data.

Contact Information

- Business titles, addresses, city, state (province)
- phone numbers for most businesses 
- fax numbers for many businesses
- emails, website addresses for some businesses (may be not sufficient for email marketing)

Infot Directory (TBB) File: 3.90GB
MS Access File (MDB): 8GB  
Full installation: 4GMB (raw database not included)

Export Functions
Selected entries: You can copy any selected entries and paste into other applications.
Open format: raw data in open format is available for additional fee.

Open format - Raw data
Due to the size of this database, data in MS Access format are broken into several parts. You need to merge (import) those parts into your own central database server such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL (not provided here) to view the entire directory. Merging such a database may require expert help (not provided). The whole database may take 10GB or more space in your database server.


Search by Keywords Category-searching only
Browse by category Yes
Export Function Copy & Paste, or Extra MDB file (optional)
Language English
Geographical Coverage United States
Source 3rd Party
Fields included Business Name,Phone,Fax,Email,Web site,Address,City,State,County,Zip,Contact,Job Title,Gender,Employees,Sales,SIC,Longitude,Latitude,Description,Countr
* Not all entries are filled with each field


Number of total entries (companies) 16,353,857
Entries with Website 2,467,318
Entries with Email 1,432,872
Entries with Fax number 3,869,330
Entries with Phone number 16,353,857
Entries with Post Code 16,353,857
Entries with Name of contact 12,567,447


* Numbers vary frequently and the final result on your CD/DVDs may differ. Duplicate exists. Some websites, emails, fax numbers or phone numbers may expire.
This product is NOT A COMPLETE LIST of businesses of this region (country or area).

Open format - MDB File
We provide MS Access file (mdb) for raw data of certain products, to let the buyer export data from the directory to other applications such as MS Word, MS SQL, MS Outlook, MS Excel, etc.

MDB file is not required for general functions of the directory. The Infot directory manager bundled with the directory can work properly without the MDB files. Users purchase the MDB files only for export ability.

However, please be informed before you purchase the MS Access file.

1) Purchasing the MS Access file doesn't enable you distribute the original data beyond your unit. A personal buyer can not distribute the raw data to any other persons or business. A business buyer can not distribute the data beyond the company. Exporting or merging raw data into local business network, central databases, or other network-based platform require special business licenses from Infot for a fee. Exporting or merging data to databases or websites accessible to publish requires special publishing license from Infot for a fee. Printing, publishing or distribute the original data to outside in any format without written authorization or license is prohibited.

2) Original data can be too big to fit your target platform. MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Word and some other applications may have a limited capacity to handle the size of the original data. 

3) Relationship between entries (companies) and categories (industries) in the MS access file may be normalized into separated tables. Understanding of "JOINING TABLES" may be required to get proper query results.

4) No technical support is provided for how to user the MDB files.

5) MDB files may be compressed in zip format and then you need a unzip tool such as "Winzip" to open the zip file.

Why MS Access file?
- Export raw data from the directory to other applications
- Communicate with other platform
- Use it directly in your own network environment

Email addresses - General Policies

  • How to get email addresses?
  • You can copy and paste email addresses along other information when you purchase the standard format databases (by default). Multiple rows (records) are allowed.
  • If you purchase the raw data option in MS access format or other open format, you can usually export any specified fields (columns) to text file or other format.
  • Email addresses only?
  • We don't sell email addresses alone and we don't support email marketing.
  • Quality of the email addresses
  • We don't test or verify email addresses in our databases, nor the compilers. No guarantee or warranty on the quality.
  • Email address quality decrease for aged products. For better results, always try the "new release" lists.
  • Developing countries, such as China, India, Brazil, etc, usually have more "dropped" or "dead" email addresses than the developed countries.
  • Quantities
  • Numbers regarding email are "number of records with emails" and duplicate addresses exist.
  • The extact number of "unique" addresses will be slightly smaller than the numbers shown on our pages.
  • General Policies
  • Email addresses in our database are provided for convential business contacts only.
  • We don't test or verify email addresses, nor can we guarantee the quality.
  • Emails addresses are submitted to the data compiler's website or listed on the owner's websites. They are not neccessarily "opt-in" addresses.
  • We do not support email marketing or any similar campaigns based on email communication.
  • Sending our large number of email messages should be guided by local or international laws and protocols.

Summary by states

Alabama 304,201  
Alaska 44,312  
Arizona 318,409  
Arkansas 262,698  
California 1,806,556  
Colorado 379,069  
Connecticut 205,616  
Delaware 67,591  
District of Columbia 45,585  
Florida 1,327,544  
Georgia 725,877  
Hawaii 93,088  
Idaho 83,075  
Illinois 712,993  
Indiana 289,383  
Iowa 179,826  
Kansas 155,577  
Kentucky 174,877  
Louisiana 228,017  
Maine 73,172  
Maryland 258,159  
Massachusetts 347,756  
Michigan 560,875  
Minnesota 358,502  
Mississippi 178,202  
Missouri 464,344  
Montana 71,236  
Nebraska 177,194  
Nevada 237,071  
New Hampshire 113,533  
New Jersey 819,572  
New Mexico 165,132  
New York 1,203,204  
North Carolina 785,406  
North Dakota 82,489  
Ohio 865,168  
Oklahoma 239,240  
Oregon 333,563  
Pennsylvania 484,507  
Rhode Island 86,139  
South Carolina 242,565  
South Dakota 94,444  
Tennessee 1,011,631  
Texas 1,789,663  
Utah 202,386  
Vermont 60,276  
Virginia 549,044  
Washington 494,870  
West Virginia 107,905  
Wisconsin 472,684  
Wyoming 58,463  

Business counts of categories: